Friday, October 14, 2011

iPhone 4s Activation Fail

So I spend 5 hours ordering my iPhone 4s last friday just so that I could receive it today.  It arrived at 9:15 a.m. this morning, but I've been unable to activate it for the last three hours.  I keep getting the following message:
Which one is it?  Will I receive notification, or should I try again later?  Why is the top sentence in a larger, bold font? 
When I try the process again, I have to start from the beginning, re-entering the same information.  Apparently only AT&T customers are experiencing this issue.  Perhaps AT&T should compensate new iPhone 4s users for loss of use. 
From the 4+ hours trying to order the phone from Apple's website, the Apple Store iPhone app, the Apple 800 number, the AT&T website, and AT&T customers service, to incorrect order confirmation, this whole process has been mind numbing.  I actually received confirmation for an order that I didn't place, and I had all of the other person's contact information, including partial credit card info.  I easily could have changed the delivery address to my house, but instead I notified Apple.  Still, this experience is far better than any experience I ever had trying to contact Microsoft, so I'll let Apple slide.