Friday, May 17, 2013

Converting a TIF to text

Let's say you scan a document and don't have the ability to save it as a pdf.  You have a TIF file.  Save it to your desktop.  Open Microsoft OneNote.  On the ribbon, choose insert, then picture, find the file, and select it.  Once it's in OneNote, all you do is right click over the photo, and then select "copy text from picture."  Then paste it into Word.  Note that you have to do this for each page of the document in OneNote.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Cradle for iPhone 5

My iPhone 4s officially drowned in Folsom Lake this past weekend, and thus I was forced to "upgrade" to an iPhone 5.  Luckily, I was out of contract with AT&T.  While the camera is better, I'm really impressed at all, and wish I could have waited for the 6 prior to upgrading.  In any event, I'm stuck with the 5 and therefore am forced to buy replacement accessories, based on the new size and the annoying lightning cable.

Since my first iPhone that I bought the first week they originally came out, I've had my phone on a cradle on my desk.  I went to the Apple store yesterday and was pretty surprised to learn that Apple no longer makes one.  The employees had no idea why, and they were a little surprised as well.  They did sell a Belkin Charge+Sync dock for $40, which I bought.  But it's ugly, and I miss the crisp Apple design.  As aside, the store was virtually empty, and the shelves lacked cool an amazing turn of events, Best Buy actually had hundreds of more accessories.

The cradle is the type of detail that Steve Jobs would have insisted on, and the type of product that Apple now neglects.  In addition to not offering their customers the product, they've lost out on a $40 sale for an item that probably costs $3 to make.  As a Mac user since the 80's, and the owner of every single version of iPhone, an iPad, two iMacs, three iPods, Airport Extreme, Airport Express, Apple TV, to name a few, this is but one small example of the decline of Apple, among many.