Friday, February 01, 2008

Apple Airbook: Better Buy a Big Carrying Case

You waited in line for an iPhone and you pre-ordered the Airbook, which arrived today. You excitedly put on your coolest clothes...your 7 For Mankind jeans, Dsquared2 shirt, John Varvatos loafers and you even pulled out your Alain Mikli glasses (although your vision is 20/20). As you walked to the Starbucks on Chestnut, you beemed with pride, knowing that every other tech tool in the place would be impressed. And they were. Until you started pulling out USB hubs and a bunch of other mis-matched peripherals and plugging them into the Airbook. Your pride turned to shame as you powered down your ultra thin laptop and headed back to your depressingly small, overpriced flat in the Marina.

The ads for the new Airbook show it being pulled out of a manila envelope.  If you buy one, you better keep that envelope in a big laptop bag so that you can hold all the peripherals you’ll need.


No Wi-Fi access? To connect to a wired ethernet network you’ll need a $29 add-on USB adapter.  But wait!  The wonderfully designed Airbook only has one USB port, so you’ll also need to have a USB hub!  You also get the pleasure of buying an external DVD/CD drive, and the Airbook lacks firewire capability.


Battery life?  No worries.  You won’t have to carry around a heavy spare battery. You simply need to send the Airbook in for service!  You’ll likely be very familiar with the service department.  Given the Airbook’s thinness, it’ll be crushed by the peripherals in your laptop bag.


Anonymous said...

Well, it depends on what you want. If you travel a lot and have the need for a very light small laptop this is for you.

If you need all the stuff you describe, buy a Macbook or even a MacBook Pro 17". Because, based on your comments, you need at least 3 USB ports (check), two firewire 400/800 (check) ethernet, wireless and.. yeah a 17 inch display to work on your videos and photo collection.

Yep, not every laptop is for everybody. This is for people that need a lightweight, slim profile work tool. Do e-mail, work with normal office applications and is fast (oooohhh check). So that is what the Airbook as to offer.

You wouldn't by a mini Vieo subnotebook to edit you video collection...would y'a.

Anonymous said...

I got the airbook for I'll deal with it. :)