Saturday, September 25, 2010

Scanning Old Photographs

I inherited my grandfather's photo albums dating from 1916-1932, which I've begun scanning into my computer. They begin with his first year at the US Naval Academy, and show his progression through the Navy. He was an early Naval aviator, beginning at Pensacola in 1924. He eventually was an Admiral during WW II. A lot of the photos have descriptions on the back, but this one is a complete mystery. What the heck is going on here?


Donnie said...

Fascinating photo. Obviously a port city, if in the U.S. I would guess New Orleans, followed by any of the other southern ports: Savannah, Charleston, Norfolk (big Navy presence), Houston, possibly Jacksonville but I doubt it. The woman to his right (our left) is either Pinoy or Indonesian. If the stevedores were not all African, and if there were not so many women so well clad in the photo I would guess a foreign port, but I will go out on a limb and say Norfolk or New Orleans. As for what is going on, they obviously are nicely dressed or else I would say they are about to embark on a trip. Is there a luxury vessel in port? What do you think?

Donnie said...

BTW Dave, have you seen a site called Homestead Wirelsss? It morphs into which shows is located in Westbury Long Island NY. Homestead is offer the 5D body for $1,600. I think it is another scammer. I found it on a Google search for "Canon 5D".